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1 1/2 Radiator Flex Hose

1/2 radiator flex hose is perfect for dealing with upper radiator hoses. This coolant hose is modified to allow for a 1-12 od x 20 long dimension. This allows for a more even distribution of coolant during the water bath. Additionally, the modified hose makes for more comfortable use when driving your car or truck.

1 1/2 Radiator Flex Hose Walmart

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1 1/2 Radiator Flex Hose Ebay

This spectre 5922 radiator flex hose is a braided 1. 50 x 22 long hose that is perfect for using with all types of radiators. It is made of steel and has a comfortable feel to it. This hose is easy to use and is perfect for using with other types of hoses as well. this is a 1-12 od x 17 long coolant hose that is modified. It is flexible and has a top part that can be moved up or down to fit the radiator. The lower part can be moved up or down to fit the radiator. The hose is then finished with a sps (sparks plasticizer) to create a flexible and strong top part. It is used on upper radials where other hoses may be too weak or too large. This hose is flexible and can be adapted to most needs. the gates 25477 vulco-flex ii is a flexible radiator hose that is ideal for using with a variety of brands and models. It is 15-12 in. In diameter and has a black anodized aluminum sheath. The hose is also waterproof, making it perfect for rainy or wet areas.