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1998 Honda Accord Air Intake Hose

This is a great air intake hose for the 1998-1999 honda accord. It provides better performance with less heat and cold air space than an air intake tube alone. The hose is easy to use and does away with the need to redo or replace air intake tubing all together.

Air Intake Hose For 98-02 Honda Accord 3.0L V6 SOHC 696-033

1998 Honda Accord Air Intake Hose Ebay

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Top 10 1998 Honda Accord Air Intake Hose

This is a 1998-2002 honda accord air intake tube hose duct for 2. 3l 17228-paa-a00. It is us stock and includes an air intake tube and hose. This hose is included in the package. this is a 1998-2002 accord 2. 3l all trim dx ex lx se. It's have a new air intake tube hoseduct fit. The old one was too large and held back air from the engine. We give you the old air intake tube hose fit too. this is a 1998 honda accord air intake hose for the honda accord sedanex lx se 4cyl 98-00 17228paaa00 us. The hose is for the driver to put over their car's air filter to help with filter life. This is a common task for many drivers. The hose is also available in the sizes 98-00 17228paaa00 us. the new air intakes for honda accord 1998-2002 are now offering a higher-end version that includes a higher-quality and louder air system. So if you're looking for a better quality air system at a lower price, then the 1998 honda accord air intake hose is what you need!