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25 Foot Hose

Our pocket hose is a reliable and big water hose that can easily expand to meet the needs of your garden. Made from high-quality materials, this hose is sure to keep your plants water-starved. So why wait? get your hands on our pocket hose today!

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25 Foot Hose Amazon

This 25 foot hose is expanding and can handle large water volumes. It has a flexibleowsky compatible spray nozzle and is flexible enough to be used for both water delivery and spraying. The hose is also expandable for even more volume. This water hose is perfect for either gardening or swimming. this 25 foot heated water hose is a great way to save energy and save your water bill! It comes with an energy savingthermostat, that helps keep your water bill down. the stainless steel water garden hose is a 255075100ft flexible outdoor hose that is perfect for dealing with a drought- filled with life. This hose is also lightweight and easy to carry around, perfect for outdoor use. With a light weight of only 3100 grams, this hose is also great for small gardens or ponds. this 25-foot aqua joe ajfjh25-pro ultra flexible kink free fiberjacket garden hose is perfect for when you need a kink-free garden hose. It is made of high-quality fiberglass and is designed to provide years of performance. The 25-footahs is made of high-quality fiberglass and is designed to provide years of performance.