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Fire Hose Pants

The new trading co, mens flex Fire Hose Pants are sterling surrogate to keep your Fire Hose going! All of the Pants have a brown finish with a light blue pocket for a front pocket. The front fit for a front pocket is the front, they are new and have a comfortable fit. These Pants are valuable addition to your store.

Men's Fire Hose Relaxed Fit Cargo Work Pants

These men's Fire Hose Pants are enticing fit for an individual who wants to burn down the house, with a relaxed fit and comfortable fit, these Pants will make you feel right at home. The brown Fire are sure to make a statement, these trading co. Pants are new and great for any work project, with a flexible fabric that can be used for Fire Hose work or as a regular pants, they're top-rated for any user. The kaki color is sensational for possible and the new technology ensures enticing fit, these Fire Hose Pants are enticing way for a suitor hunting for a versatile and stylish way to your home or office. The trading Fire Hose Pants are practical combination of stylish and practical, with an 36 x34 size, these Pants can be used for a wide range of tasks, from delivery to storage to even driving in your car. The beige slim fit makes these Pants a versatile surrogate for both work and play, while the cotton material ensures that they stay put and don't move an inch, these Fire Hose cargo work Pants are top-of-the-line surrogate for a shopper hunting for a comfortable, dependable outfit. They are flexible Fire Hose fit that is designed to provide a comfortable, heavy-duty environment, the brown is a natural color that will not fade or rub off over time. The hard-wearing fabric will never become snagged or caught on clothing.