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Gas Mask Hose

Gas Mask Hose for close quarters combat new old stock.

Gas Mask Hose Amazon

This Gas Mask Hose extension is for use with the m40, m42, r3 t3 and us issue Gas masks, it is meant to allow for better head-to-head performance against enemy forces. The extension is overall length of about 2, 5 feet and width of about inch. It gives a black silicone grease-less finish and black nylon it is manufactured from high-quality materials and is fabricated to provide plenty of room to work with your Gas mask, this Hose is moreover made to be easily adjustable, so that you can adjust the space between your Gas Mask and your hand. This Gas Mask Hose tube is from a gp-5 gray rubber overcoat of a Gas mask, it is a medium brown color with a rubberized finish. The Hose is about 40 mm in length and gives an insulation texture, it is original and in good condition. This Gas Mask Hose is black in color and gives an 40 mm original rubber gasket, it is conjointly black in color and gives an original 40 mm rubber gasket. This Hose is in like manner original and renders an original 40 mm rubber gasket.