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Narrow Hose Clamps

This is a new, wide-based Clamps that are designed to Clamps onto a Hose and keep it from flowing out, the Clamps are made of 9 mm steel and fit the up to 60 mm in width. The pack of 2 Clamps will fit a Hose betting service of 40-60 mm in width.

Narrow Band Width Hose Clamps

This is a new and different type of Hose clamp, it is manufactured of 9 mm steel and it is clamped to a magnet. It can hold a wide range of Clamps (including our own), it is facile to use, the Clamps to the Hose and you're done. This hc60-809 Hose clamp is a terrific alternative to Clamps tight to a Hose for a deep clean or to hold as part of a set up for a detailing session, made in germany, this Hose clamp is an outstanding alternative for a suitor scouring for a high-quality, durable Hose clamp. This pack of two Narrow band Clamps is designed to keep Hose securely in place while they are being used, the Clamps are made of 9 mm steel and are wide enough to tailor an 50-70 mm hose. They are made to keep Hose in from reaching the usability and feel of using them as desired, are you hunting for a new surrogate to keep your Hose closed? This Narrow band 9 mm steel Hose clamp is an enticing substitute to do just that. It's made in germany and comes in two sizes - 25-40 mm or 409 mm, with its tight fit and tough construction, this clamped-together Hose is unequaled for keeping your water bottle close at hand.