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Pocket Hose Dura-rib Ii

The Pocket Hose dura-rib Ii is a top-notch extension for your it extends an extra-large expandable ribbed rating that makes it versatile for a variety of applications, the inch-long fabric is lightweight and uncomplicated to move, while the pocket-sized dimensions make it first-rate for busy small businesses. Finally, the dura-rib Ii is covered in durable, air-purifying material that will protect your store.

Pocket Hose Dura-rib Ii Walmart

The Pocket Hose dura-rib Ii is an unequaled length for most water systems, it offers an expanding Hose design that is excellent for larger water supplies or tissu lines. The Pocket Hose dura-rib Ii is moreover versatile, can be used for short distances, or long distances, and is furthermore water resistant, the Pocket Hose is an unrivaled alternative for new water handlers who need a large and deep pocket. It is seen on tv in many different countries, the Pocket Hose is fabricated of high-quality materials and it is sure to meet the needs of the individual user. The Pocket Hose dura-rib is a new type of Hose that is seen on tv, this Hose is expanding due to its design, which makes it more durable and long lasting. The Pocket Hose dura-rib is again expandable up to 50 ft.