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Pool Vacuum Hose

This is a standard 1-14 inch swimming pool vacuum hose. It is made from a sturdy materials and coated with a protecting film to keep it from being covered in dirt. This hose is perfect for cleaning up your pool, and it is easy to find a need for.

Pool Vac Hose

There are many types of pool hoses and pool vacuum cleaners that come with different capacity. However, our top pick for capacity is the 6-foot length hose. This hose is perfect for dealing with smaller pools and can be used for both clean and dirty water. The long length of the hose makes it easy to move around and is also comfortable to use.

Pool Cleaner Hoses

This pool cleaner hose is a 18-feet by 1-1-4-inch and is designed to clean pool headers and filters. It is made from haviland's own new process technology, e-grundrips, which makes it more durable and easy to use. The hose is also extra-long and comes with a lessered spill prevention tab. the pool hose vacuum is a great tool for cleaning up pool areas and pool filters. It comes with an automatic suction that keeps everything clean and tidy. intex automatic pool cleaner pressure side vacuum cleaner w 21ft hoseopen box is the perfect tool for cleaning your pool. The hose is easy to use and looks great with its automatic cleaner. The 21ft hoseopen box makes cleaning the pool easy and smart. the pool cleaner hose sections are made of durable materials that will last long in the water. The 16 gauge steel makes for a durable hose, while the grey is popular because it is easy to see. The hose is long enough to reach below the pool while the aquabug pool cleaner vacuum hose is short enough to reach the bottom of the pool. The two are combined in a one-piece linkage, making it easy to connect and disconnect.