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Samsung Washer Drain Hose Extension Kit

If you're hunting for an extra large Washer Drain Hose Extension kit, this one's for you! This one comes with an 12 ft length of Drain hose, 1-14 1-18 inch of Drain hose, and an universal drainage system, so you can be sure you're getting a high-quality Drain Hose Extension Kit at a low cost.

Samsung Washing Machine Drain Hose Extension

This Kit includes an 81215 ft Washer Drain hose, which can be attached to the machine using the included bolts and screws, the Kit also includes an universal bagless filter for the Samsung washing machine and a to measure the amount of water flow. This 8 ft, universal drainage Hose is sterling for washing machines with multiple drains (1-14, it's made of sturdy materials and presents a design. It's facile to operate and can be attached or removed with ease, this is for the Samsung Washer Drain Hose Extension Kit universal, it is capacity for all Samsung kenmore Drain Hose styles. The Kit includes the hose, o-ring, and guide, the Samsung Drain Hose Extension Kit is a peerless substitute to extend your drainage Hose life. This Kit comes with an 15 ft universal drainage Hose Kit and 1-14 1-18 toiletry drain, the Kit is good for any Samsung drainage Hose including the 14, 18, and 1-14 drainage hoses. This Kit is top-rated for a suitor who wants to extend the life of their drainage hose.