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Vintage Hose Clamps

These vintage hose clamps work with other hoses to clamps also. They are a great addition to your ford mopar dealership!

Old Style Hose Clamps

If you're looking for a simple, efficient way to attach a hose to a wall, you might be wondering what kinds of clamps work best. there are a few different types of clamps available, but the most popular are the old-fashioned clamps and the water- bonds. The old-fashioned clamps are simple, reliable, and work with just a few materials. The water- bonds clamps are made with several materials in addition to water and are more reliable in high-pressure water applications.

Vintage Hose Clamp

This is a vintage hose clamp that is also known as a "radiator" because it has a fan motor to keep it running. It is 18" in length and has a gm ford mopar design. It is has a plastic design and plastic hardware with it. It is also been given awejhtekles and has a warranty. if you're looking for antique hose clamps that are made in the usa, then you've come to the right place. Our 4-12 inch antique hose clamps are perfect for holding onto vanilla hoses and other vintage-style hoses. They're made of durable plastic and are easy to operate with only 4 screws (or 2 screws with a washer). When you're done holding your hose, just peel them off and reuse them. these vintage hose clamps are the perfect way to keep your water flowing unimpeded. They are double wire clamps that will hold your hoses in place, ensuring that you can't get into your water to fix it. these vintage hose clamps are a great way to keep your car running smoothly and look nice at the same time! They have a double wire hose clamps that are 18 inches in diameter and are made of quality metal. They are perfect for keeping your car's water line moving smoothly and are perfect for using at the track.