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Wrought Iron Hose Holder Wall Mount

This Wrought Iron Hose Holder is a terrific substitute to increase your garden's appearance, it's made to suit on your Wall and includes a pair of metal hangers to store your hose. When you're done with your growing process, just take a spin on the market and buy a new one.

Cheap Wrought Iron Hose Holder Wall Mount

This is a beautifully designed Hose Holder that can be mounted on a Wall or countertop, the construction is fabricated of Wrought iron, so it is sturdy and long-lasting. The Hose Holder is facile to use, just put the hoses you need inside, the range of colors is endless, from bright colors like blue and green, to more subtle colors like black and brown. This Wrought Iron Hose Holder is an enticing addition to your garden, it is heavy-duty and outstanding for holding standard water Hose sizes. It is available in many different colors and styles to match your garden, this is a top addition to your garden, black and white, and can easily be adapted to your needs. It comes in 8 sizes, from small for an 100-year-old garden) to large (ability to hold an 8-foot long garden hose), with a quick release system, it effortless to take off when not needed. Made of durable Wrought iron, this Hose Holder can take a lot of the hassle of maintaining a traditional wall-mounted Hose holder, this is an outstanding gift for any garden lover! The holders can be placed in any location and is high-quality with a sturdy build. You will adore the look and feel of this Hose holder.