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Yard Butler 2 Wheeled Hose Reel Cart

The yard butler 2 wheeled hose reel cart is perfect for those who appreciate the benefits of a cart-like design. This cart comes with a 2-wheel heavy duty hose reel, so you can easily and quickly access your hose emirates. With easy access to all of your hose needs, the yard butler is perfect for any estate or home improvement needs.

Lewis Lifetime Tools 2 Wheeled Hose Truck HT-2EZ

Yard Butler 2 Wheeled Hose Reel Cart Target

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Best Yard Butler 2 Wheeled Hose Reel Cart

This lewis lifetime tools 2 wheeled hose truck has 8" wheels and a 3/4" discharge nozzle. It is perfect for cleaning streams or toilets. The truck has a front and back wheel, so it can be pushed around easily. The hose reel is long and has a 3" width, so it can handle large areas. It has a settings button and an easy to use non-stick arm. this yard butler 2-wheelered hose reel cart is perfect for carrying water around your property. The cart has a smart design with an easy-to-use interface, so you'll be able to get the job done quickly and easily. With an option to keep water inlet turned off, this cart makes keeping your yard well-maintained and clean. this yard butler 2 wheeled hose reel cart is a great addition to your garden. It is heavyduty and metal- resistant and can handle large sodium and chlorine versions of each, as well as all the common types of water. It has a 3-foot length with a mesh bag for sorting water types. This cart also comes with a full length of black water type. With this hose reel, you can easily and quickly get all the water you need for your garden. the yard butler 2-wheeler hose reel cart is a great way to keep your yards clean and tidy! This cart has a 200-foot reach with a black anodized aluminum frame and is equipped with a pair of wheels for easy movement. It has a variety of nozzle types to fit any situation, from hose mix to water-soaked trees. The hose reel cart also includes a variety of storage bins for tools, medications and other necessary devices.