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Craftsman Air Hose Reel

This new Craftsman Air Hose Reel is a must-have for any air-purifying needs, it presents different grey and silver patterns to match any landscape or home decorum. The Reel is further reversible, so you can choose your favorite Air Hose to operate with you rallery.

Craftsman Retractable Air Hose Reel

This Craftsman Reel with 40 x 38 Hose is an unequaled choice for suitors who are hunting for a reliable and efficient Air compressor, it provides a crank type arm and a heavy-duty build. The Reel provides two stages making it uncomplicated to use, this Reel is also in other colors and heights. This model is an Air Hose Reel for sears Hose reel: this model is an Air Hose Reel with a life-time warranty, you can trust that the Reel will continue to operate and provide power with each use. The Reel is wide enough to tailor most Air hoses, and it comes with a case, this Craftsman Air Hose Reel is top-quality for Air compressors! It grants a sturdy design, straightforward to use, and works with standard 40 x 38 Hose diameter. The Reel is additionally plastic free, making it effortless to clean, it provides a full-sized spindle for basic moving. The Reel is capable of up to 40 x 38 inches of Air hose, it renders a stylish design, with an inch-long hanger and an 38-inch long hose. The Reel is manufactured of sturdy materials, including plastic and metal, for a long life, it is in like manner jokingly named "handy dudes" because of the its resemblances to average guydom.